Competitive Price

Research & Design

The process of Design at Bee Gee Handicrafts involves following integral steps that lead to comprehensive results.
Our Design team is constantly engaged in Research, that covers trends, colours, methods and processes. Simultaneously, sampling work continues throughout the year, with the team testing out new weaves and establishing new constructions and finishes. Bee Gee Handicrafts offers original design and also strong CAD support. Our database of designs is today in the thousands, and provides a solid foundation for our offerings.

Client Services

The Client Services team of Marketing and Merchandising personnel is focused on ensuring that every step of a client’s order is well-handled. The team is involved in making offers to submitting timely samples and closely following the entire production process, to ensure that deadlines are being met.
They then hand over the order at the final stage to the Shipping and Accounts departments, who complete the overall process of servicing every order.


Sampling - Given that what we do is such a visual process, we understand that clients may best be able to place orders with confidence only once they themselves have seen the product. Therefore, we present physical collections for customers to choose from, and then work on customized requirements.
Value Addition - Embroidered items are produced on hand guided machines as well as multihead computerized machines. Products are also offered with beadwork, different trims, tassels, laces, sequins and other embellishments.
All production ( Stitching, Packing, Dispatch ) from fabric to made-up products, is inspected by our Quality Assurance team. Strict quality control is the norm, and AQL standards are used.